“Everyday Heroes” Season Two

Posted on October 23, 2019 in: General News

“Everyday Heroes” Season Two

By Andrew Fowler

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Knights of Columbus is releasing the second season of its “Everyday Heroes” video series, showcasing stories of individual men on journeys to make positive differences linked to their faith.

Whether bringing clean water to remote villages, returning to the wrestling mat after a life-altering accident, creating a safe place that provides hope for sick children or making the ultimate sacrifice to save classmates, each episode features a Knight’s inspirational story of making a difference for others, while strengthening his faith and leaning on the strength of the Knights of Columbus.

“We hope viewers are inspired to follow these examples and strive to become ’Everyday Heroes’‘ in their own communities,” producer David Naglieri said. “We need these models of heroic lives to remind us of God’s call in our own lives to strive for greatness, not measured by material success, but by how we treat our neighbor and live out our Catholic faith.”

The eleven-part season is available to watch on The episodes include:

  • Running for Grace
    Trever Miller, an accomplished reliever in the Major Leagues, faces his largest challenge: Being a father of a child with a genetic disorder so rare that it doesn’t have a name.

  • A Pilgrimage for Life
    John Moore, a Knight of Columbus from Gallup, N.M., embarks on a 2,800-mile pilgrimage on foot from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., with the goal of arriving in time for the January 2019 March for Life.

  • No Greater Love
    Kendrick Castillo was three days away from graduation from STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado. He had a dream to become a Knight of Columbus and an engineer. However, on May 7, 2019, what began as a normal school day ended in tragedy when another student pulled out a gun. Kendrick charged the gunman, giving his life to shield others. He sacrificed his own life, but his actions saved many lives and would inspire a nation.

  • Medal of Honor Medic
    A Green Beret medic, Gary Rose saved the lives of 60 men during the Vietnam War. It took years for his mission to be declassified. When it was, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

  • The Baseball Priest
    Father Burke Masters was a college baseball star and even played in the minor leagues. However, he would trade his major league aspirations to answer a call to the priesthood.

  • Sharing the Body of Christ
    While serving at Camp Humphries, Father Dennis Callan befriended Warrant Officer Chris Moore. After Callan was stricken with a life-threatening liver disease requiring an immediate transplant, Moore stepped forward.

  • King of the Sea
    Rival fishermen ambushed Jeffrey Rentegrado shooting him 13 times. He desperately prayed to the Knights of Columbus founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, for his survival. The shooting changed not only his spiritual life but also those around him in an event that could only be described as a miracle.

  • Jimmy Murray’s McMiracle
    Jimmy Murray once worked as the general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. A lifelong Knight with a passion for giving back, Murray’s “Spiritual Super Bowl” came when he helped found the first Ronald McDonald House for families whose children are hospitalized.

  • Wells of Hope
    Ted Van Der Zalm, a Canadian Knight of Columbus, founded of “Wells of Hope,” an ambitious endeavor that provides fresh drinking water to more than 80,000 people in rural Guatemala.

  • Faith, Friendship and Football
    Before Harrison Butker became one of the NFL’s top kickers, he was college teammates at Georgia Tech with Grant Aasen. They teammates started off on the wrong foot. Yet a mutual desire to grow in their Catholic faith would lead them to find faith, fraternity and brotherhood in the Knights of Columbus, and for of them a priestly vocation.

  • A Champion of Faith
    Dan Beaudrie was a star high school wrestler in Wyoming when a devastating car crash nearly took his life. His long and arduous struggle to return to the sport he loved mirrored a resurgence in his faith, which led him to see that nearly fatal crash in a new light.

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