‘Miracle Dad’ on being a K of C General Agent

Posted on January 05, 2021 in: General News

‘Miracle Dad’ on being a K of C General Agent

Daniel Schachle, whose son played a special role in Father McGivney’s beatification, reflects on his career as a general agent

By William Nardi
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Editor’s note: Little 5-year-old Mikey Schachle is well known to many Knights because, through the intercession of Blessed Michael McGivney, he survived an otherwise fatal condition. But did you know Mikey’s father, Dan, is a Knights of Columbus general agent? Dan shared with us this brief reflection on what it means to be able to pair his faith with his profession.

When my wife Michelle and I married we didn’t plan on having 13 children. If you asked me then I would have told you there’s no way I could provide for that many. I was right — I couldn’t, but God could. We trusted in his plan and his help has been miraculous, just as it always is. He has enabled us to do things with our children that we couldn’t before. He has enabled me, through my career as an agent, to set my own schedule, which means I’m the only dad present at some of my kids’ school events. He has enabled me to take them with me to K of C functions and help them connect with the larger Catholic community around the state.

One of the moments in my life that I’ll never forget is when my daughter Isabella, then about eight years old, asked me, “Daddy, where do you go when I leave for work?”

I said, “You know how daddy goes to work to make sure you have a warm home and food?” She said she did, and I replied, “Sometimes daddies can’t do that for their families anymore, so it’s my job to go around and make sure that all of the children still have a warm home and food if something happens to their daddy.” She started to cry and gave me a hug that seemed it would never end. She said that was the best thing she had ever heard of anyone doing and she loved me so much for helping all the other kids in need.

To learn about becoming a Knights of Columbus agent, click here.

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